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PLEASE, support your local animal shelters and community/national animal rescue organizations.†

I work with non-profit rescue organizations and animal-related Clubs, around the Country, to raise funds for animal rescue, care, rehabilitation and re-homing.

†I donate a portion of my proceeds and provide portrait gift certificates for special events free of charge.† If you, or your organization would like to know more about this fund raising opportunity, please email me at

With over four decades of independent study, Iíve acquired and refined my skills as an artist.† For me, it takes emotional involvement to paint portraits that pay homage to the bonds that humans share with their four-legged family members.† Capturing the characteristics of each animal takes an element for which there is no substitute: experience.

In earlier years my tools were pencil, pastels, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Today, my tools are found in digital technology. Don't be mislead by that statement. The paintings I create require the same level of artistic competencies, skill and imagination as was needed in earlier art mediums - a "brush" in hand applying paint stroke-by-stroke. The same is true now except thereís no paint or solvents to contend with.†††

Over the years, I found that photography was the best way to instantly capture an image that fascinated me. The photographs then served as the "model" for my work. Animal portraits have been my greatest challenge and my greatest pleasure. A challenge because of my commitment to ensuring a likeness of their physical appearance as well as their personality and individuality. My greatest pleasure because each portrait brings out what no photograph can - the spirit in the eyes and the character in their expression!†

Since a background for a portrait can enhance or detract from the overall feeling of the portrait, I could have made no better choice of residence than the great Southwest! It is here that I find inspiration in the beautiful diverse color palette of the desert. Many colors of which become the background for my animal portraits.

It is said that, the pleasure of life is not in the destination but, in the journey. My life's journey, thus far, has been filled with pleasure by the love of family, good friends, and captivating animals who have inspired me to portray their individual beauty on canvas.

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