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Logos and Illustrations

Archie—Dark Background

Archie “Waiting for Santa”

Archie—Light Background

Animations, Logos and Illustrations

Martel—The little black poodle.  The original drawing (pink background) was animated for use in my client’s e-mail as stationery and appears also on the client’s web site.

Tiffany Companions Company Logo

Credited only with the inside design of this NSPCA logo not the design initials NSPCA.

I created this illustration for the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals No-Kill Sanctuary, Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m proud to say that the illustration appears on T-Shirts, fine quality watches and is used as a ’guidepost’ for directing visitors at the Sanctuary.  If you are a resident in the Las Vegas valley, or a visitor, stop by the Sanctuary’s gift shop.   Plans are underway to make the gift shop accessible to everyone through the Sanctuary’s web site.  Just click on the illustration to explore the information available on the site now.

Here, two logos were created for the Peke A Tzu Rescue organization located in White Cloud, Michigan.  The doggy-house design (bottom right) appears on the front of the organization’s T-shirts while the larger logo (bottom left) enhances the back of the T-shirts. 


Visit the PekeAtzuRescue gift shop where you’ll find marvelous walking vests with matching leashs for your furry companion, diapers for the incontinent pup or the pup in potty training and wonderous other items that, I’m sure, will delight you.

One of the many advantages of a portrait rendered digitally is the opportunity to make any number of modifications to a portrait without having to change the “original”.  Here, Archie is shown with a dark background.  Next, a light background and, finally; little Archie is anticipating the arrival of Santa!  Options are limited only by the extent of ones imagination.  

I designed and created this portrait/logo titled “Spanky and His Gang” for Mikey and Friends Mobile Pet Grooming Spa.  You may have seen the state-of-the-art van making its way around the Las Vegas Valley.  Looking for an excellent professional groomer?  Click on the portrait of Spanky and His Gang for more information.


Pork Chop



I designed and created this logo for the Allied Efforts to Save Other Primates (AESOP) Project.  An international coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting monkeys and apes.  To learn more about this important project, click on the logo.

By request, I designed and created the logo shown to the right for a student organization at the University of Connecticut.  The goal of the organization, titled “Animal Rights Collective” (ARC), is to permanently halt animal experimentation at their University; and have existing primates retired to a credible sanctuary.  Grass roots efforts such as this; throughout the world,  are helping to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the use of animals in laboratories.  It has been long known that alternative research methods are available.

The logo consists of a cow, a cat, a mouse, a primate and, the Universitie’s oak leaf. 

These faces were illustrated for use by  children attending the NSPCA Family Fun Day 2007.  The faces were designed as cut-outs intended for each child to color and wear as a mask at the event.  Gosh!  A child “becoming” their choice of animal for an afternoon is a great way to teach kindness and compassion for all of Earth’s creatures.

Here are a few more illustrations and logos recently created…..

There’s even a version for the Holidays!

This one is for the Wine 2007 charity event hosted by the Weimaraner’s Rescue Group of Las Vegas. 

The new logo for this Las Vegas rescue group!